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"This is My Brain On Anxiety: The Detailed Experience of an Anxious Black Woman"

A one-woman, 5-part creatively, curated live production that unravels and reveals the personal and cultural journey of a black woman with anxiety. Through the art of storytelling, Mia Love Live chronicles the experience. The show first premiered in August 2021 in Charlotte, NC. and is Mia's most popular and acclaimed show to date!

"So Anxious"

 Mia presents a YouTube mini-series that captures the daily experiences of a black woman navigating life with anxiety. Infused with humor, the series delves into various situations where anxiety manifests, offering a unique and lighthearted perspective on her journey.

"Sincerely, Charlotte: A Love Letter to Old Charlotte"

 A theatrical production that takes a nostalgic look into the past of the city of Charlotte, NC. Inspired by stories from city natives and long term transplants it is through performance, storytelling, graphics and music that Mia Love Live takes the time to commemorate, honor, recollect, and show love to some of the city's most famous staples that once were and, are no more.

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