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Mia Love Live extends her "S.T.O.R.I.E.S." program, short for "Students Telling Original Recounts in Educational Spaces," across schools and the local community. This educational initiative is crafted to aid the development of social and emotional skills in young women through storytelling, journaling, and performance. Complementing the program is a self-published workbook authored by Mia, providing a structured framework for exploring the emotional landscapes of young women of color. The workbook is designed to support and enrich their comprehension and mastery of social and emotional skills, underscoring the importance of tailored assistance for their personal growth in this aspect.

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"JUST TELL THE DAMN STORY, MIA!!!" stands as a live, bi-monthly event, in Charlotte, NC, where Mia Love Live takes the stage alongside her storytelling companions. This unique gathering, akin to a poetry slam, distinguishes itself by featuring genuine, revealing, and captivating narratives and performances.

"Start to Finish," is a mentorship program designed by Mia, to shepherd artists, creators, and entrepreneurs through every stage of a project, from its inception to triumphant completion. The program's aim is to support individuals in achieving consistency and successfully bringing their ideas to fruition by providing essential elements such as organization, guidance, and accountability.

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Coming Spring of 2024: "This is YOUR Brain on Anxiety" adult journal writing class.

Stay up to date by subscribing to the Mia Love Live Email List!

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