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Who is Mia Love Live? 

Meet the vibrant and multitalented Mia Love Live, a creative force hailing from the heart of Charlotte, NC. Mia's journey into the world of creativity began as an on-air radio personality, where her magnetic voice and dynamic presence quickly set her apart. Her passion for storytelling and original projects soon led her to new heights.


​In 2020, Mia took a bold step by launching her mini-web series, "So Anxious." This venture served as a catalyst for her critically acclaimed one-woman live production, "This is My Brain on Anxiety: The Detailed Experience of an Anxious, Black Woman," which made its captivating debut in 2021. This production marked the beginning of Mia's exploration into the intricate facets of anxiety, particularly from the perspective of a Black woman.​


Undeterred by the challenges of the stage, Mia continued to weave her narratives into live productions such as "The Tale of Every Woman Black" and "Sincerely, Charlotte: A Love Letter to Old Charlotte." Her performances resonated with audiences, earning her praise and recognition in the industry.


​Beyond the spotlight, Mia Love Live is deeply committed to inspiring and influencing her community. She authored and published a workbook tailored for young women of color, using storytelling, performance, and journaling to impart social and emotional learning skills. Not stopping there, Mia is gearing up to release a similar resource for adult women, focusing on navigating anxiety and promoting mental wellness through the therapeutic power of journaling.


​Currently, Mia is on a tour with her hit show, "This is My Brain on Anxiety," where she continues to captivate audiences with her raw and authentic storytelling. Her mission extends beyond her personal experiences, as she remains dedicated to showcasing and amplifying the voices and stories of the BIPOC community.


Mia Love Live is not just a creative writer, producer, storyteller, and performer; she is a catalyst for change, using her art to connect, inspire, and foster understanding in a world that desperately needs it.

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